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The Weight of a Crown PDF The Weight Of A Crown Author Tavish Kaeden 9tvuk.us THE WEIGHT OF A CROWNThousands Dream Of It Still Die For It Yet, How Many Can Truly Bear It After Centuries Of Bitter Conflict The Realm Of Esmoria Is At Last United Under The Banner Of A Single King On The Surface The Realm Appears To Be Enjoying Its First Taste Of Peace, But Lingering Resentment And The Untimely Death Of The New Ruler Threaten To Return Esmoria To Political Chaos.Meanwhile, In The Farthest Reaches Of The Frozen North, A Dethroned Monarch S Plot For Revenge Awakens A Long Forgotten Evil As Darkness And Treachery Descend Upon The Realm, A Young Escapee From A Forced Labor Camp, A Disenfranchised Soldier, And An Epileptic Engraver S Apprentice Find Themselves At The Heart Of The Troubles 2011 Tavish Kaeden, All Rights Reserved.