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Replay PDF Epub Replay Robin Brande Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk I DIED For Forty Two Seconds I Died They Were Operating On Me Why Isn T Important Any And It Was A Simple Surgery, Everyone Said So My Dad Didn T Even Take Off Work Breathing, Breathing, Not I Can Picture It The Oh, No, The Scurrying Around, The Paddles On My Chest, Thwump Clear Thwump Beep Beep, Beep Beep, She S Back Everything Back To Normal THEY DON T KNOW ANYTHING Cara Campbell Thought She Had It Made Star Athlete, Popular Student, Winner But When She Dies During Surgery, She Sees Something She Knows No One Would Ever Believe The Doctors Manage To Revive Her, But What Happened During Those 42 Seconds Of Death Has Changed Everything Now Cara Is Having A Hard Time Adjusting To Her Former Life None Of Her Friends Or Accomplishments Matter Any What Does Matter Is The Face She Saw As She Came Rushing Back Into Her Body That Face Belongs To David Mayer, A Brainy Outcast Who Dislikes Cara Even Than She Does Him As Cara Sorts Through The Ramifications Of Her Near Death Experience, And Struggles To Overcome Her Fear Of Telling Everyone What Really Happened, She Discovers A Path She Never Realized Lay Ahead Of Her And As Cara Is About To Learn, There Are No Coincidences.