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The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 7, Part 1 Read The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume 7, Part 1 By Frank William Walbank Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us This Seventh Volume Of The Cambridge Ancient History Series Examines The Period Following The Death Of Alexander To The Coming Of The Romans To The Eastern Mediterranean 323 217 B.C Separate Chapters Deal With The Main Kingdoms, Ptolemaic Egypt, Seleucid Asia, And Macedonia, Also With Mainland Greece, Sicily And The Smaller States, Including Pergamum Political Events Are Fully Described And Assessed, With Chapters On The Historical Sources, On The Institution Of Monarchy And The Ideology Surrounding It, On The Main Cultural, Social And Economic Aspects Of The Hellenistic World And On The Development Of Hellenistic Science, Especially In Relation To Its Application In Peace And WarThis Volume Was First Published In 1928, And Included The History Of Both Rome And The Hellenistic Era In One Book These Two Subjects Have Now Been Extensively Researched And Re Written, And Are Now Divided Into Two In A Departure From The Previous Volume, There Is Less Emphasis On Military Detail Than In The First Edition The Cambridge Ancient History Is Designed Both For The Scholar, And For The Interested Reader Who Wishes A Detailed Examination Of The Ancient World.