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American Phoenix The Remarkable Story Of Nineteenth Century Millionaire William Skinner, A Leading Founder Of The American Silk Industry, Who Lost Everything In A Devastating Flood And His Improbable, Inspiring Comeback To The Pinnacle Of The Business World.In 1845, Penniless William Skinner Sailed In Steerage Class On A Boat That Took Him From The Slums Of London To The United States Because Of His Unparalleled Knowledge Of Dyeing And An Uncanny Business Sense, He Acquired Work In A Fledgling Silk Mill In Massachusetts, Quickly Rising To Prominence In The New Luxury Industry In The United States Thereafter He Opened His Own Factory And Soon Turned His Silk Into One Of The Bestselling Brands In The Country Skinner Was Lauded As A Pioneer In The Textile Industry His Business Grew To Sustain A Bustling Community Filled With Men, Women, And Children, Living And Working In The Mill Village Of Skinnerville, Producing America S Most Glamorous, Fashionable Thread Then, In 1874, Millions Of Tons Of Water Burst Through A Dam Several Miles North Of Skinnerville An Inland Tidal Wave Tore Through The Valley, Destroying Everything In Its Path, Including Skinner S Village Within Fifteen Minutes, His Entire Life S Work Had Been Swept Away, And He Found Himself One Of The Central Figures In The Worst Industrial Disaster The Nation Had Yet Known In This Gripping Narrative History, Skinner S Great, Great Granddaughter, Sarah Skinner Kilborne, Tells An Inspiring, Unforgettable American Story Of A Town Devastated By Unimaginable Disaster An Industry That Had No Reason To Succeed Except For The Perseverance Of A Few Intrepid Entrepreneurs And A Man Who Had Nothing And Everything To Lose As He Struggled To Rebuild His Life A Second Time, With Just One Asset To His Name The Knowledge In His Head.