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A Tale of Two Cities Sidney Carton Is Almost The Only Case In Which Dickens Has Drawn A Hero On The True Heroic Scale, And His Famous Act Of Self Sacrifice Is Unmatched In Fiction The Book Must Be Ranked Very High Among The Great Tragedies In Literature.Excerpt Green, By One Highwayman, Who Despoiled The Illustrious Creature In Sight Of All His Retinue Prisoners In London Gaols Fought Battles With Their Turnkeys, And The Majesty Of The Law Fired Blunderbusses In Among Them, Loaded With Rounds Of Shot And Ball Thieves Snipped Off Diamond Crosses From The Necks Of Noble Lords At Court Drawing Rooms Musketeers Went Into St Giles S, To Search For Contraband Goods, And The Mob Fired On The Musketeers, And The Musketeers Fired On The Mob, And Nobody Thought Any Of These Occurrences Much Out Of The Common Way In The Midst Of Them, The Hangman, Ever Busy And Ever Worse Than Useless, Was In Constant Requisition Now, Stringing Up Long Rows Of Miscellaneous Criminals Now, Hanging A Housebreaker On Saturday Who Had Been Taken On Tuesday Now, Burning People In The Hand At Newgate By The Dozen, And Now Burning Pamphlets At The Door Of Westminster Hall To Day, Taking The Life Of An Atrocious Murderer, And To Morrow Of A Wretched Pilferer Who Had Robbed A Farmer S Boy Of