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Look How You Turned Out I Ve Known Marcus Since Around Junior High When He Moved To Town And Got A Job At The Station Where Artie Is Chief Of Police Marcus Was This Young Married Guy With A Baby On The Way, And I Was Just Starting To Feel Tingly About Males Well, He Was Right On Time, The Gas In The Tank Of My Fantasies What Motivation If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I Imagined Marcus Telling Me To Do Bad Things And Professing Undying Love For Me While I Did Them, I Could Lay Those Nickels End To End All The Way To The Moon Three Times I Was In My First Year Of College When I Heard He Was Going Through A Divorce He Had A Little Boy, Five At The Time I Tried To Express My Sincerest Sympathy To Him One Night In Our Kitchen During My Father S Annual, Have The Guys And Their Wives Over Christmas Party But Marcus Had Custody Of His Son, And At Dad S Insistence Brought Him Along I Don T Even Think Marcus Had A Beer, And As I Remember He D Patted My Head Instead Of Anything Else, And Thanked Me For My Kind Words Like I Was Laura Ingalls And He Was Mr Edwards I Was Thinking Along The Lines Of Lolita And A Way Less Disgusting HH.