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How Two Love Getting Together With A Partner May Be Easy, But Staying Together Is Anything But So How Do You Keep A Loving Relationship Alive, And Your Sexual Intensity Fully Charged How Do You Grow As A Partnership, Rather Than Grow Apart How Two Love Sets Out With A Bold Ambition To Offer The Tools And Guidance You Need To Solve These Problems, Turning The Practice Of Love Into An Art How Two Love Is A Celebration Of Our Relationships, Not As A Formula, But As A Work In Progress, Messy And Complex And Wonderful With A Transparency That Refreshes, And A Lightness That Will Leave You Smiling, Internationally Respected Author And Educator Jan Resnick Turns His Extensive Experience Of Psychotherapy And Couples Counselling Into A Series Of Charmingly Recounted Stories From His Consulting Room He Brings Together Surprisingly Connected Themes And Lessons Learned From A Career That Spans Three Continents And Four Decades Described As The Book That, Now In My Sixties, I Wish I Had Read In My Twenties , By Psychiatrist And Author Richard A Chefetz, MD, How Two Love Doesn T Seek To Diagnose Or Judge It Isn T A Textbook Reserved For Specialists And Professionals Resnick S Audience Is Far Broader As Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist And Author Nancy McWilliams Wrote, How Two Love Is For Anyone Who Has Ever Been In Love, Wanted To Be In Love, Lost A Love, Or Suffered For Love The First Offering In His Meaningful Living Book Series, How Two Love Is A Powerful And Transformative Guide Made For Two, A Reminder That, In Love, Every Wound, Every Mistake, And Every Missed Opportunity Is An Occasion To Heal, To Grow And To Learn In Its Pages, Resnick Has Deftly Created A Detailed Roadmap, Revealing How You Can Avoid The Pitfalls That Lead To Breakdown And Emotional Injury While Raising The Deeper Issues Of Desire, The Loving Sexuality Of A Long Term Partnership, And, Most Importantly, What Makes Love Work Over Time.