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Cosmology and Controversy The Ultimate Validation Of The Big Bang Theory Makes For A Fascinating Book Kragh Tells The Story In Comprehesive And Compelling Detail Jack Zirker, National Optical Astronomy ObservatoriesFor Over Three Millennia, Most People Could Understand The Universe Only In Terms Of Myth, Religion, And Philosophy Between 1920 And 1970, Cosmology Transformed Into A Branch Of Physics With This Remarkably Rapid Change Came A Theory That Would Finally Lend Empirical Support To Many Long Held Beliefs About The Origins And Development Of The Entire Universe The Theory Of The Big Bang In This Book, Helge Kragh Presents The Development Of Scientific Cosmology For The First Time As A Historical Event, One That Embroiled Many Famous Scientists In A Controversy Over The Very Notion Of An Evolving Universe With A Beginning In Time In Rich Detail He Examines How The Big Bang Theory Drew Inspiration From And Eventually Triumphed Over Rival Views, Mainly The Steady State Theory And Its Concept Of A Stationary Universe Of Infinite Age.In The 1920s, Alexander Friedmann And Georges Lema