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The Veritas Deception There Is A Way That Seems Right To A Man, But In The End It Leads To Death.Proverbs 14 12Days After US Senator Malcolm Phillips Changes His Vote On A Bill He Sponsored, He Is Murdered And His Death Disguised As An Accident He Contacted One Man Before He Died Investigative Journalist, Jack Logan He Left Jack A Single Clue To Help Him Uncover The Truth And Keep Phillips S Widow, Taylor, Safe But Safe From Whom Jack And Taylor S Desperate Hunt Leads Them To A Vast Network Of Corrupt Authority, Controlling Everything From Social Media And Television Programming To Law Enforcement And US Legislation The Key To Unraveling A Complex Web Of Lies Is A Set Of Ancient Relics, Dating Back To The Time Of Christ But What Do These Relics Have To Do With A Senator S Death Allies Turn To Foes When Jack And Taylor Discover That Those Closest To Them Are Part Of The Conspiracy And That They Too Have Been Manipulated How Long Has A Puppet Master Been Pulling Their Strings And Will Jack And Taylor Trust The Right People Long Enough To Win What Becomes A Colossal Battle For Souls