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All Around Atlantis Ebook All Around Atlantis Author Deborah Eisenberg Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Deborah Eisenberg S Deeply Etched And Mysterious Stories Focus On Individuals Grappling With The Dislocations, Ironies, And Compromises Levied By Ordinary Reality And The Vivid, Troubling Worlds Her Characters Inhabit In The Girl Who Left Her Sock On The Floor, A Messenger Arrives To Conduct A Boarding School Girl Into An Utterly Unexpected Future In Across The Lake, A Well Meaning College Student On Summer Vacation Finds That He Is A Voyeur And Possibly Worse At A Guerrilla War He Almost Failed To Notice In Mermaids, Some Suburban Schoolchildren Try To Navigate Through The Acceptable Level Of Adult Pollution Around Them In Someone To Talk To, An Aging Not Quite Prodigy Finds Himself Giving A Concert In A Banana Republic In Lyrical And Gleaming Prose, Eisenberg Pries Open Daily Life To Explore The Hidden Mechanisms Of Human Behavior.