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Assault on Atlantis (Atlantis, #5) In 10,000 BC, The Shadow Approaches And Destroys The Mighty Empire Of Atlantis, Leaving Not Trace Of It Other Than Vague Legend Only A Handful Of Survivors, Priestesses And Warriors Survive, Knowing They Must Pass Their Legacy Down, So That The Next Time The Shadow Comes, Mankind Will Be Better Prepared.Now It Has Come Back But It Wants The Entire Planet Across Parallel Dimensions, The Shadow Has Consumed Earth After Earth, But One Earth Has Repeatedly Stopped It Ours.Now It S Not A Question Of Just Stopping The Shadow Green Beret Eric Dane, Aided By Amelia Earhart, And From The Past By The Daughter Of Crazy Horse Must Lead An Assault Into The Space Between And Go To The Very Home Of The Shadow And Destroy Them Once And For All.A War Beyond Time An Enemy Beyond Space A Thriller Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Three Areas On The Earth S Surface Defy Explanation The Bermuda Triangle, The Devil S Sea Of Japan, And A Small Region Of Cambodia Inside These Realms, Planes Have Disappeared, Ships Have Vanished, And, In Cambodia, An Entire Civilization Has Been Lost Leaving Behind Angkor Wat.The Book Brings To A Close The Riveting Atlantis Series Of Books Battles Across Time And Space Massacres And Noble Sacrifices Creatures And Events Mankind Considered Legends Come To Life All In One Terrifying Climax With The Fate Of The World Hanging In The Balance.If You Enjoyed LOST, You Ll Love This Book And Be Amazed At The Similarities In Concept Although This Book Was Published Before Lost.